A boldly bright brand for kids and parents


Walter & Fearne were a startup business looking for the whole shebang. We started by designing a logo which reflected their product offering – chunky teething necklaces for mums/babies and bright clothing with funky prints for boys, girls (and the unknown!).

Inspired by the owner’s two children and their sibling relationship, elements of the type ‘hug’ each other – the ampersand also moves between the three core pastel colours so it’s not assigned to a gender.

Matching elements like the ‘wf’ circle brings a stamp of approval and sits neatly over realistic imagery. Playful patterns embody the simple shapes that children can relate to – without clashing with the advanced product prints.

Safety cards and leaflets were the first bits needed to get this brand up and running – and with a strong social presence already in place, this brand has a bright future ahead of it.



  • The feedback about our leaflets was great, people liked the strong design and said that it was clear what I was offering and what we stand for.

    Catherine Thomas, Hollytree Holistics

  • Absolutely thrilled with our branding and new website. You're a wonderful teacher too. Thanks again!

    Natasha Broady, Infinity Hair & Beauty

  • Design by Tic made every effort to understand our business and ensure we stood out in a busy marketplace. From the early stages of the brand workshop to advertising today - we get their full support.

    Henry Mace, S&H Steel Frames