A career from Art GCSE


Take up of Art GCSE is on the decline, and so understandably Art teachers are trying their best to encourage students not to all stick with the ‘fool-proof’, ‘career-friendly’ Business focused GCSEs (lots of quotation marks going on there). Part of their efforts to increase uptake in the subject was to get in speakers such as myself to talk about my career within ‘The Art Industry’.

There are so many careers (seriously, I wrote a list) within the art industry. I was surprised it wasn’t common knowledge but we can’t expect children between the ages of 11-12 to know what career they want to stick with for the rest of their lives, and how to get there. It’s down to the us, teachers/parents etc. to open eyes to what’s out there.

I had a think about what I would have liked to have known when I was choosing my GCSEs. And also, what information would have been useful once I’d set upon my career path…

How to choose ‘the right’ GCSEs for you
Were they an organised rational person, did they enjoy helping people, did they like seeing the fruits of their labour…and so on. Figuring out the traits that shape who they are might lead them off to work as a project manager, within the NHS, as an artist…

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.01.44 PM.png

How to work towards a career in Graphic Design
I would have loved to have seen a timeline of how someone made it as a Graphic Designer from GCSEs. Obviously everyone’s path is different but there are some things I wish I’d known - like the fact I needed to do an Art Foundation before university, that taking Art GCSE was pretty key to doing it in sixth form, and how I needed this to DO the Art Foundation and Graphic Design degree. Here’s my ‘journey’ that I showed the students…


Does Art GCSE just load me with the skills to be an artist?
Art does not necessarily = Artist. There are SO MANY creative jobs out there, that home in on artistic skills obtained during Art GCSE/A-level and so on. I put together a pretty mighty list of careers that could come out of doing Art at school…


It felt good to share my experience of Art education, and hopefully inspire some children to open their mind about an artistic future. If you’re a teacher and would like to enquire about me hosting the same talk at your school, then get in touch via the contact page. It was a great experience and definitely one I’d be up for doing again.