A simple brief with an effective solution

We were approached by a company who had no brand in place. And didn’t want a brand (if you’re a designer you would have heard this before I’m sure). All they wanted was a stationery set that gave off a ‘clean’ yet ‘traditional’ feel. With no brand in place, and no logo to take steer from – this was a tricky brief.

So let’s make it simple. ‘Clean’ and ‘Efficient’ – white, clean, matte stock is recommended. ‘Traditional’ – a serif font that doesn’t clash too much with the ‘efficient’ styling. And blue. Well, let’s make it all blue. And use this navy/colbolt blue as a large point of interest on the back of the compliments slip. Brief answered – client happy. Whilst we always recommend having a strong brand to go from, we realise this isn’t an option for everybody. Sometimes you need to accommodate – and the best way to do this is by keeping is simple.