Engineering a strong brand and website

We were originally approached by Hardwicke Enterprise to update their brand – their established business was still growing and it was important to keep in line with their customer reputation.

Learning about their offering and how certain products were taking the forefront, it became clear that a new focus was needed on the website in particular. CNC Machining and Fabrication wasn’t highlighted enough, and their customers needed more flexibility with requests on the contact page. These conversations all helped with the initial brand job – getting this right first would give us everything we needed for the website design.

A competitive analysis showed a mixed bag, the best brands standing out with clean websites (efficient and well engineered..). From here a final logo stood out – using the ‘cog’/’saw’ as a strong icon and a bright line to reflect the base of the business. Hardwicke Enterprise being the piece that creates the final product and brings it altogether.

Our ‘kit of parts’ complete, the website design could then begin. Based on a template approved by the client we built an impactful homepage that stood way ahead of their closest competition, and inner pages that were clean and to the point – summing up their offering quickly and clearly. A blog was introduced to add personality and their social media was brought in line with the new branding. Visit to see the website in full force.