the land
of opportunity

Fosters Land & Property is a family run business that has experience working with land owners, property developers, constructors and home buyers.

They needed a brand and a website that could start selling their offering quickly.




website design

The responsive website was designed to work fluidly across mobile and desktop. Impactful abstract photography took centre stage behind strong headlines.

This worked alongside beautiful land & property quotes to inspire and add character to the website.


Content was created by us to explain their dual offering separately and together. The copy worked to optimise the site's SEO where possible - including keywords within headlines and integrated into body copy.




logo design

Using a 'stamp-like' inspiration for inspiration, simple iconography was used to reflect house and land together. Tints of blue for property, and an on-trend mint green for land gave this branding the subtle oomph needed to give it standout.