the wave rider

Ride Surf Kayaks needed a brand that would have the same impact in the water as it would on land. Taking inspiration from greek mythology, we designed a logo that used distressed ‘wave’ cutouts, and a circular wave roundall – paying homage to the water.


logo design • sub brands

As well as the original logo, that took steer from waves sub brands were also needed to represent each of their individual kayaks. With the names already supplied (equinox, mutant etc.) – these sub-brands took on a simple style using a consistent font so as not to compromise the main logo.





Understanding the story behind this up and coming kayak brand was imperative to delivering a brand that was right for them. Through the brand workshop we discovered that the manufacturer, designer and retailer were all championship winners with first hand experience in the water. This lead the way for their strapline – Ride Like Champions.

Our logo has prominence on the waves, and sits perfectly above the kayak brand names.
— Tim T, Ride Kayaks