a boldly bright brand for kids

Walter & Fearne were a startup business looking for the whole shebang. Selling chunky teething necklaces for mums/babies and bright clothing with funky prints for boys, girls (and the unknown!) - they needed something playful and bright.



logo design

Logo design was inspired by their product offering and the owner’s two children and their sibling relationship, elements of the type ‘hug’ each other – the ampersand also moves between the three core pastel colours so it’s not assigned to a gender.




leaflet design

Safety cards and leaflets were the first bits needed to get this brand up and running – putting the product at the forefront. 

Thank you cards accompany teething jewellery in hessian bags giving the customer a consistent brand feel from start to finish.

Thanks for giving us a great startup brand to work with. Customers love it and it compliments our products perfectly.
— Jessica L, Director